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WET (About Us)

The Workforce, Education and Training component provides dedicated funding to remedy the shortage of qualified individuals to provide services to address serious mental illness (WIC 5820). Requirements include:

• Expand capacity of postsecondary education programs

• Expand forgiveness and scholarship programs

• Create new stipend program modeled after the federal Title IV-E program

• Create new regional partnerships among the mental health system and educational entities to increase the diversity, reduce the stigma, and promote distance learning

• Implement strategies to recruit high school students for mental health occupations

• Develop and implement curricula to train staff on WET principles

• Promote the employment of mental health consumers and family members in the mental health system

• Promote the meaningful inclusion of mental health consumers and family members

• Promote the inclusion of cultural competency in the training and education programs in subdivisions (a) through (f).

The Southern Counties Regional Partnership Workforce Education and Training (WET) Plan is consistent with and supportive of the goals and objectives of the ten southern counties. The development of this regional WET plan includes seven program components and establishes a plan to enact these program goals. Progress and outcomes of education and training programs and activities listed in the WET plan will be reported and shared with appropriate adjustments made. The plan was developed with input from all SCRP WET Coordinators.

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