County Jobs

Imperial County Department Behavioral Health
San Diego County Department of Behavioral Health
Kern County Mental Health Department
San Luis Obispo County Mental Health Services
Orange County Behavioral Health Services
Santa Barbara County Department of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services
Riverside County Department of Mental Health
San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health
Ventura County Department of Behavioral Health

Training Resources

California Institute for Mental Health: California Primary Care and Mental Health Integration Initiatives
CalSWEC Public Mental Health Competencies
CiMH eLearning Courses: Includes "California Public Mental Health Systems- a Brief Overview"

Consumer & Family Employment

Successful employment is critical to the empowerment of people with lived experiences of mental health issues. People with lived experience have learned through their experiences how to help ourselves and others to recover and reconnect with life. Clients’ mental health and overall well-being are improved when they are able to engage in meaningful employment. Change must take place in the mental health workplace to improve the ability of clients to be employed there.

In order to bring about needed change, the community should explore increasing and expanding the practice of hiring, supporting and retaining new, diverse, and underused consumer employees. Making greater use of the consumer workforce will bring about more effective services as well as better understanding and acceptance in reducing stigma and discrimination in mental health systems and the larger community.

California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies Psychosocial Rehabilitation Curriculum
Consumer and Family Member Employment in Public Mental Health
DACUM Competency Profile for a Behavioral Health Peer Specialist
Institute for Community Inclusion – Consumer and Family Perspectives on the Meaning of Work
RAND Corporation – Mental Health Consumer Providers: A Guide For Clinical Staff
Consumer and Family Member Employment Development Assessment Tool
Consumer Employment Summit 2008: Summit Report
Inspired at Work
Planning and Preparing for Consumer and Family Member Employment
STEPPING UP: Innovations in Career Development for California Mental Health Consumers
Working Well Together

Educational Assistance Information

Licensed Mental Health Services Provider Education Program
National Health Service Corps - Loan Repayment Information
NHSC Loan Repayment Program
California Psychology Internship Council -CAPIC

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